aboutuz, a network to share zero-party data joins FasterCapital’s Raise Capital program

aboutuz is the first app for users to safely share personal details (zero-party data) with brands & people in exchange for monetary & social benefits.

  • Users have full control over which details they share with individual brands & people – can un-share anytime.
  • Brands can ethically access comprehensive & ‘living’ consumer profiles (zero-party data) to integrate deeper with customers and personalize their offers.

The startup is based in Munich and is currently seeking capital of $3M to refine the product and grow. Through the Raise Capital program, FasterCapital’s team will work with the startup’s team on improving the pitching materials and process to higher the chances of attaining the capital. The startup was founded by Peter & Marlena Weidermann and is backed with a team of professionals.

Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of FasterCapital, commented, “We are glad to work with a startup with a bold & innovative business model & concept. We look forward to proceeding and helping the team securing the money they need.”

Ms. Marlena Weidermann, aboutuz co-founder says, “We welcome the exciting opportunity to create a bright future for aboutuz with FasterCapital’s professional support”.