Always get it right!

With aboutuz you

  • Know the essential details that make the important people in your life unique — have them on all your devices — always up-to-date.
  • Stay connected — keep your relationships alive & communicate about topics of interest!
  • Make others feel good — understood, appreciated, and happy! Do things they really like.

Create your profile, start sharing — and get it right!
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Share on your own terms!

On aboutuz you can

  • Share your personal details with spouse, friends, family, colleagues and others — away from public eyes;
  • Control who has access, update, un-share, or stop sharing completely — at any time, with immediate effect;
    and coming soon,
  • Profitably share with trusted brands in exchange for rewards or monetary benefits.

Create your profile & start sharing!

Organize & store your details

Keep track

Organize & store the important details of your life – in one secure, structured, fast & easy to retrieve place.

aboutuz advantages

With aboutuz you have your facts under control.

  • You’ll always have personal details when you need them – your last blood test, your hat, ring & shirt size, your favorite perfume, the restaurant, you wanted to try next.
  • No more searching through scattered notes to find the information you need.

Minimal effort & high security

All you need to do is complete your own profile.
Your facts are secure and encrypted – during storage, up & downloads.

Share your facts with important people in your life

Let others know what’s important to you

Allow them to know your preferences, needs, & desires.

aboutuz advantages

With aboutuz everyone can get it right – every time.

  • Your sharing partners know what you’re fond of.
  • Your friend’s good intentions become great experiences – a dinner with your favorite food, flowers you love, perfume that smells heavenly, a surprise invitation to a restaurant that meets your style.

Your shared information is secure

You’re always in control of the information you share!

You can change, share & un-share any facts or stop sharing your profile completely – with anyone, at any time! Your facts will never remain on other’s devices.

Know what’s important to others

Know their preferences

Get to know others beyond the surface level. Know their favorite living environment, apparel, food & cuisines, pets, sports & hobbies, and more.

aboutuz advantages

With aboutuz you’ll save time, money, and face.

  • You’ll know their important anniversaries, remember their allergies, food intolerances & dislikes, their favorite dishes, flowers, colors, and a lot more.
  • Knowing their wish & bucket list enables you to land surprises on the spot or buy the perfect gift – with confidence and ease.

Same security for everybody

The facts of others are held to the same security precautions as yours.