During my professional life, I have encountered many dynamic, self & power-conscious male senior executives. Most of them ran their companies like well-oiled machines. The executives were well-informed & rational, were brave & quick decision-makers, and carried their responsibilities & titles with pride & bravery. Some were real perfectionists who let nothing, or anyone block their pursuit of excellence.

So, I was astonished when time & time again, some of these hard-nosed managers metamorphosed into ill-informed, insecure & helpless men when coping with partner, family, and friends’ topics. Many of them heavily relied on their assistants to remind them of the simplest family anniversaries & events. They often delegated the selection & purchasing of presents for a family anniversary or a gift for dinner host/hostess to their helpers.

At the very least, a man should know the preferences of his partner, spouse, children, friends, or relatives – what their plans, wishes, and dreams are!

I am sure most men are sensitive & have feelings too. As I am also sure, they strive to please their wives, girlfriends & partners and to meet their expectations. Some want to avoid disappointment and hurt feelings at all costs, and even apologize in advance when bringing a meaningless gift.

Obviously, men – even senior executives – lack the necessary information about their loved ones. They need an all-inclusive tool for their relationship management.

* * *

aboutuz is that tool.

It shows you exactly what your loved ones need & want, prefer & dislike, and what’s on top of their dream list. Best of all – you don’t have to lift a finger, and the app shows you the information wherever you are and whenever you need to know it.

aboutuz memorizes all the details for you.

Download the app & recommend it to your family, friends & business partners.