Yes, I confess – social intelligence has never been my strength. And I still struggle with it. The lack of it has cost me a lot – opportunities and friendships.

One lesson that I had to learn was: One shall always be grateful for the compassion of others!

During life, now and then, you meet compassionate people. Don’t alienate these people! Don’t be insecure or arrogant! Embrace and return the kindness – even if you in that very moment doubt that the connection with this person can hold long term – and by all means keep in touch!

Compassion comes to you in many ways – someone showing an interest in you, your life, family, and all the characteristics which make you unique.

When looking back, I recognize that I – regretfully – snubbed many people who showed me great compassion – amongst them boarding school colleagues, clever professors, well-meaning girlfriends, an exceptionally talented young physiotherapist, interested HR managers, headhunters, and C-Suite managers, as well as friendly neighbors, and random people I met in coffee shops.

I apologize to all of them.

Thank God I didn’t mess up when I met my wife, Marlena. Through the years, she has patiently and with loving gentleness made me aware of the importance of social intelligence. Maybe it was my dilemma that led her to develop the aboutuz app.

* * *

aboutuz is a Social Intelligence Tool.

It allows you to stay in contact with others, find out more about their life, preferences, plans & wishes, and even get to know them beyond the surface level. It helps you to make them feel recognized, appreciated, understood, and valuable.

Download the app & recommend it to your family, friends & business partners.