With immense joy, I watch as the quarantine doors swing wide open, allowing for brunches, dinner parties, restaurant visits, and much more! 

In my excitement, I’ve wasted no time pulling my most fashionable outerwear out of its slumber in preparation to attend in-person social functions with friends and loved ones again. My first foray into the new normal will be an elegant dinner party for those I have only peered at on my 13″ laptop monitor.

While planning my dinner party, I am relieved that I don’t have to contact each person individually to inquire about their eating habits and whether they’ve changed during the last year. 

aboutuz has my back by providing me with the essential details I need to plan a successful festive party of any type and size. For one, I can send invitations to guests directly from the app. Then, in the app, I can check their eating desires – everything from beverages to their favorite foods. Above all, I will know what my guests are allergic to and which foods they prefer not to find on their plates. Last but not least, party favors can be customized to their unique style. The dinner party will be a tailored gastronomic delight for the tastebuds, with gifts that reflect the distinct personalities of my guests.

Planning an extraordinary party is effortless on aboutuz

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